Friday, 19 May 2017

ref vs out parameter in c#

ref tells the compiler that the object is initialized
before entering the function,while out tells
the compiler that the object will be initialized
inside the function.

ex: ref:

public static void Main()
 int i = 3; // Variable need to be initialized
 sampleMethod(ref i );

public static void sampleMethod(ref int sampleData)

Note :
1.A ref variable needs to be initalized before
passing it in.
2.ref parameters can be thought of as both
input and outup variables.

ex: out :

public static void Main()
 int i, j; // Variable need not be initialized
 sampleMethod(out i, out j);
public static int sampleMethod(out int sampleData1, out int sampleData2)
 sampleData1 = 10;
 sampleData2 = 20;
 return 0;

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