Thursday, 14 May 2015

Sub-Types of ActionResult in Asp.mvc4

ActionResult is an abstract class that can have several sub types.
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ActionResult is a general type that can have several subtypes .

ActionResult SubTypes :

1.ViewResult : Renders a specified    view to the response stream.

2.PartialViewResult : Renders a   Specified partial view to the   response stream.

3.EmptyResult : An empty Response is   returned.

4. RedirectResult : Performs an HTTP   redirection to a specified URL.

5.RedirectToRouteResult : Performs   an HTTP redirction to a URL that    is determined by the routing                                                   engine,based on given route data.

6.JsonResult : Serializes a given   ViewData object to JSON format.

8.JavascriptResult : Returns a piece  of javascript code that can be   executed on the Client

9.ContentResult : Writes content to   the response stream without    requrining a view .

10.FileContentResult : Returns a  File to the Client.

11.FileStreamResult : Returns a file to the client,which is provided by a stream.

12.FilePathResult : Returns a file to the Client.

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